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Our Services

Private and Commercial:

Master Art Displays will professionally hang your pictures at home, in offices, schools, galleries and other venues.  We will work out of hours to complete the job to your timescale, if required.  We have over 15 years’ experience in professional picture hanging and placement throughout Perth, Western Australia and Austrialia.


Master Art Displays plans, consults and hangs for galleries, exhibitions and gala events across Australia.  We have carried out work in the QV1 building in Perth, the Melbourne and Sydney Art shows and at various corporate locations.

Tracking Systems:

We can supply and fix all types of tracking, slim line and heavy duty for homes, offices and industrial environments.

Gallery tracking and installation allows you to move your artwork around your home, gallery or office with ease, instead of having fixed locations.  This means there is no need to fill  redundant holes once a piece is moved.  We use and recommend Arti Teq – the slimmest, most unobtrusive tracking available, which is easy for you to use.

Summary of services: